You Can Stop LA Times Local Values Delivery

**Update as of July 2013**  Please call 800-528-4637, x72655 to be removed from the the LA Times Local Values mailing list.

I have just recently moved back to California so I am experiencing the joy of stopping junk mail all over again! Because I am now in a different state I am also coming across mailers I have not seen before. The latest item to hit the mailbox is the Los Angeles Times Local Values.

This little gem is delivered every Friday, and according to the LA Times Media Kit website, it is distributed to 95% of households in the LA market or about 4.4 million homes. It is also described as a 4 page wrap with display ads and included inserts.

In order to stop the Local Values delivery, you will need to call 626-472-5242. This is a recorded line where you are asked to either have your named added or removed from the mailing list along with the address and zip code. Make sure you let them know you want to be removed from receiving the Local Values flyer.

The recording also states it takes about 2 weeks for it to work its way through production. I’m not sure if that means 2 weeks for the address to be removed or 2 weeks to stop receiving the flyers. My assumption is the latter, but I will provide an update as soon as I know!


  1. Tripp Jones says

    I have called about 10 times to remove my name from the list but to no avail. I even emailed Jeff Young at the LA Times who is responsible for this, and he promised to have me removed….and I am STILL recieving these ever Friday…what else is there to do?

    • Janet says

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty getting removed from the list. When you receive the LA Times Local Values every Friday does it include your address? I’m just wondering if maybe the post office is delivering a set not realizing you had requested to not receive it. Let me know! When I called the number it was literally 2 weeks and I haven’t received it since.

  2. says

    LA times continues to throw this at my house every week and calling the number does nothing. I even have a “no soliciting/no fliers” sign posted on my front door but still they litter my driveway with this every week. It always goes strait into the bin. such a waste.

  3. John says

    As of July 12, 2013, call this number and leave a voicemail with your address to be removed:
    800-528-4637, x72655

    • Jan says

      I called this 800 number a few times already and I still get the rubbish from them!

      I think that they are doing constitutes littering. I’m calling my city police on this.

    • Jan says

      I am sending a complaint by email to the following people who seem to be in charge at the la times.
      Eddy W. Hartenstein
      Publisher and Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles Times
      Kathy Thomson
      President and Chief Operating Officer, Los Angeles Times
      Chief Operating Officer, Tribune Publishing
      Davan Maharaj
      Editor and Executive Vice President, Los Angeles Times
      Brad Agens
      Senior Vice President, Digital Sales
      Chris Avetisian
      Chief Financial Officer
      Karlene W. Goller
      Vice President,
      Legal and Deputy General Counsel
      Gwen P. Murakami
      Senior Vice President, Administration
      Bill Nagel
      Executive Vice President, Business Services
      Russell Newton
      Senior Vice President, Operations
      Emily Smith
      Senior Vice President, Digital
      Nancy M. Sullivan
      Vice President, Communications
      Mike Tannourji
      Executive Vice President, Advertisting
      Julie K. Xanders
      Senior Vice President and General Counsel

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